Linen Weaving Workshop

May 10, 2018 Category:

Our guild is proud to welcome Marian Quanbeck Dahlberg for a two day workshop entitled “Weaving with Linen Should Not be Scary!” on October 6 and 7, 2018.

Marian is the force behind Vava! Veve! (which translates to the word “weave” in Norwegian and Swedish), a company that markets high quality hand woven linens on line. In Marian’s workshop, students will make a linen hand towel and in the process learn not to be intimidated by linen on the loom! Marian sets the workshop’s skill level at “knowledge of how to warp a loom.” A materials fee will cover the cost of imported linen yarn. Marian will supply the warp yarn and warping draft in advance so that participants will be able to prewar their looms and be ready to weave when the workshop begins on Saturday morning.

Lynnea took this workshop last summer and when she came back immediately began planning to bring Marian up here to visit our guild — she enjoyed the class that much! The workshop will be DAI sponsored so check their schedule of classes when it comes out this summer. There is only room for 8 participants.

A potluck dinner and talk by Marian, open to the entire guild and the public, will be held at the Depot on Oct. 5 — more information will be in the fall newsletter.

Check out Marian’s website and her Etsy shop ato get an idea of her work — it is gorgeous!!!