Member Volunteer Opportunities

I can’t wait to help, now how do I volunteer?

  • Access the following online website   
  • Read through the selections; click on Sign Up button for activities for which you will help. If you wish to be a committee chair, you can add that note in the comment bar that shows up on the page where you write in your name.
  • Be prepared to submit your email so we can contact you. That information will only be used by this DFG Committee.
  • You will be contacted by the Planning Committee when work needs to begin.

If you have questions about the Sign Up sheet, or want to help but can’t access the internet, contact Kit at 218-525-4138 or 

Please sign up soon so we can get each sub-committee organized and ready to work. This important year of activities is dependent on everyone volunteering.

Thank you for helping in any way you can with our 50th birthday party!

EVENTS (Chair and Committee opportunities for each event)

  • Tribute to Janet Meany, our founder: plan a kick-off event focusing on Janet’s contributions to our Guild and the fiber world (probably January 2023)
  • Keynote Speaker: arrange a speaker as a main event and workshop, and coordinate logistics 
  • Farm Tours: arrange details for one or more member-only field trips  
  • Treasure Hunt For Fun: produce a list of fiber-related items for members to find in their own homes to bring to a member meeting (via the item or a photo of it). Think bridal shower game with prizes!  
  • Youth Projects: design and assemble Make & Take Kits to engage kids in various fiber arts; arrange locations to demonstrate or distribute the kits  
  • Service Projects: decide on a project to benefit a community group; it should be easy for our members to produce and donate 
  • Fiber Flag Installation: determine a venue, theme and guidelines for production of fiber flags (like prayer flags) and coordinate the installation in the community 

EXHIBITS (Chair and Committee opportunities for each exhibit)

  • Exhibit Proposal Committee: coordinate proposals for exhibits at the Textile Center, Tweed Gallery, and Nordic Center. (If proposals are accepted, committees will be formed later to address logistics of the exhibits.)
  • Members’ Challenge: coordinate the annual member’s challenge using yarns from Janet Meany’s stash (Kit has some spools) (traditionally displayed at Harvest Fest)
  • Other Exhibits: plan additional exhibits as desired such as library, fiber shops, City buildings, etc.

VISIBILITY (Chair and Committee opportunities for each activity)

  • Overall Publicity: design and carry out a year-long master plan of publicity for all exhibits and events
  • Fellow Guilds: contact other Guilds and communicate our events
  • Commemorative Merchandise: decide on items to sell, determine pricing, design, and take orders
  • Bag of Goodies: collect and assemble vendor donations for member goodie bags to distribute sometime during the celebration year
  • Commemorative Booklet: compile a booklet focused on the past 50 years of DFG history and photos (the first 35 years have already been chronicled)