Seller’s Page

Seller guidelines and things to note:     


  • Sale cashiers use your items’ tags for checkout and for tracking sales.
  • Tags must include the seller’s name or initials clearly written and matching what is on the seller’s agreement form. The seller may include their initials and DFG if they choose to re-designate the DFG to receive all proceeds.
  • Tag creativity in color/shape/material is encouraged. Brightly colored tags are great because it’s easy for buyers and cashiers to see the price.
  • Each item you bring to sell must have an easily removable tag. Tags are best tied to an item so cashiers can clip them easily (tags stay with the cashier). If prices are just written onto a piece of tape or stapled, it is often hard for cashiers to remove them, especially from ziplocks, for example. However a price tag could be taped on by the tag string because that string can be cut and label removed. Finally, if they are not secured firmly, the tag may fall off and then the cashiers are at a loss of what to charge. This might be the case with fuzzy fabric or small items.
  • If sellers wish to include info about the product being sold, they need to remember that the price tag stays with the cashier, so put content info on a separate tag/label.
  • If item is bagged or boxed, the tag should be on the outside.
  • Sellers should think about the ease for cashiers to efficiently remove tags and for accurate bookkeeping later. The photo below illustrates tags that cashiers have found especially clear and helpful.


  • All items must be priced in no smaller than $1.00 increments (no change! None!) PLEASE bag small/inexpensive items. It might make sense for a bunch of small items to be sold as a collection priced at $1 instead of 50 cents. This makes our job as cashiers and after sale counters so much easier!

Other information:

  • Drop off time for sale items is the day before the sale at the event site (Friday, April 26, 3:00-6:00 pm)
  • Pick up time for unsold items is immediately following the sale (Saturday, April 27, 1:00-1:30 pm)
  • Along with completed seller’s agreement form (download below), please bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope
  • Guild members can keep 75% of their earnings and non-Guild members can keep 50% of their earnings

Download the DFG Rummage Sale Seller’s Sheet