CLASS: How Water Characteristics Affect Natural Dyeing Results

December 11, 2022 Category:
February 25, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Duluth Fiber Guild
2701 W. Superior St.
Suite 210, Duluth
MN 55806
$20.00-$30.00 + $12 materials fee

Water Matters!

If you are a natural dyer aspiring to get certain results from your efforts, understanding the different characteristic of water from different sources (well, tap, rain, distilled, etc.) is important to minimize frustration and maximize desired results. Well water can range greatly in pH (acidity-alkalinity) and mineral content (iron, calcium, etc.), all of which will affect the dye results. Gathering rain water or buying distilled water are options, but do you really need to do that to get the results you want?

In this class we will discuss the most common variable in water sources and how to measure pH and water hardness. We will practice dyeing wool using variety of water sources, but only a single dye stuff, to explore the possibilities for your dyeworks. Each participant will get to dye at least one sample skein of yarn (1 oz.) in the dye vats with the option of doing more if dye stuff and time allow. Open to all adult learners and individual children 14 years or older. Family groups are encouraged to attend with children 7 years of age or older.

Required Tools/Materials/Clothing Students Need to Bring:

  • Prepare to get wet and possible dye on your clothing
  • A note pad and pencil

Instructor: Cindy Hale

Instructor Bio: Cindy has 25+ years as a teacher of arts, science and farming with a particular penchant for creating events that increase community engagement. She has been teaching plant ID for over 30 years and wet felting since 2009. She got serious about natural dyeing in 2020 and greatly expanded her repertoire of skills through her 2022 ARAC Artist Access project: “Full Circle Production of Natural Dyed Pre-Felt for Use in Wet-Felted Art”. She is well known in the community as someone who enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with the community and will be offering monthly workshops related to natural dyeing and felting in 2023 in conjunction with the Duluth Fiber Guild. Cindy and her husband have been farming ecologically since 2005, raising sheep since 2013 and are well connected among other sustainable farmers in the region.