Family Day at the Tweed Museum of Art

We hosted a free Family Day activity at the Tweed Guild Exhibit Saturday and showed kids and their parents how to make felted butterflies, produce handmade paper hearts, and weave wristbands on small looms. The children loved these activities and many walked around showing everyone their fine results!

We were pleasantly surprised that a photographer from FOX 21 Duluth showed up and filmed some of our young artists. One 8th grader explained what she was doing for the camera. This segment was shown last night on the 9 pm news show.

Our Guild also received additional press today at the Tweed. The Slice, a PBS show that films 30 second shorts around the region, did some filming featuring the Guild and the Tweed exhibit. It is in production and when it is available for viewing, we will make an announcement. We are getting our Guild name out there and we appreciate all of your personal efforts as “ambassadors” as you talk to your friends and your own networks about the Guild!

Special thanks to Sue, Laura, Angel, and Jinn for your successful work with the youth activities, and to Cindy and Beverly for working as docents in the exhibit gallery yesterday!