Say Sew-Interactive Textile Art by Maryam Khaleghi Yazdi

Last night’s DFG member meeting featured a presentation by Maryam Khaleghi Yazdi, a designer, illustrator, and Graphic Design Assistant Professor in the Art and Design Department at University of Minnesota Duluth. Maryam shared her inspiration and creation of Say Sew-Interactive Textile Art which “narrates the story of immigrants in the United States”. Each of the 78 pieces was created using different mediums such as painting, quilting, beading, embroidery, sculpture, woodcuts and more. She enjoys working with fabric for its flexibility, homey atmosphere, and utility in your home, on the floor and on your body. By dyeing the fabric with natural materials, Maryam adds another element to her work: a smell to go with the story. There is a mix of sad, happy and medium stories which reflects the immigrant experience.

This was a fascinating presentation! You can learn more about Maryam’s work on her website.