Made in Duluth Blanket Project

April 28, 2016 Category: , ,

Duluth Fiber Handcrafters Guild has initiated a new challenge, one that includes not only the spinners but the weavers!

It all started with a gorgeous tri-colored Shetland fleece from a local Duluth shepherd that was donated to the spinning group.  The fleece weighs about 3 pounds, mostly light and medium grays but with accents of dark brown and black.  The spinners wanted to use the fleece for a large project, and contacted the weavers group to see if they would be interested in a joining the challenge.  Their enthusiastic response led to the idea of a “Made in Duluth” blanket, which will be 100% Duluth from start to finish – the sheep who donated the fleece was born and raised in Duluth, the yarn spun in Duluth, and the final blanket woven on a loom our Depot studio!

The challenge to the spinners is to produce yarn that is firm and fine enough to be used as warp, and the challenge to the weavers is to incorporate handspun warp from several different spinners (and therefore different textures) in the blanket’s design.  Two spinners have already finished their yarn, and we’re hoping to see more in April!

Everyone’s invited to help with the weaving — maybe we can have the loom dressed for debut for our fall meeting!